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Designed for Co-designers - Workshop

How to design and manage products, services and experiences that are to be completed and built upon by users or customers? How can we design for co-designers? 

This full day workshop at the Participatory Design Conference 2008  brings together examples and studies of recent trends in user generated content, open platforms for exchange of products, ideas and media, end user customization and other open models for innovation. 

We invite case studies, methods, stories and critical analysis on this topic to generate a deeper understanding of its relevance to contemporary participatory design. The discussion will focus on methods, challenges and advantages for intentionally supporting end user innovation through design

The workshop areas of interest includes (but are not limited to): 

(i) consumer products; (ii) user generated content and media; (iii) social innovation in services, practices and processes.


24.09.08: The program of the workshop is now online 

26.09.08: Participants should have the papers on their hands now.

17.10.08: Position papers are available now. Download them in the program section.


Important Dates

- Deadline for submissions: September 1st 2008 (extended!)
   (submissions should be done by email to the following address: francesca.rizzo[at] with subject line:co-design)

- Notification and feedback for Participants: September 10th 2008 

- Deadline for final versions: September 24 th (by email to the following address: andrea.botero[at] with subject line:co-design)

- Workshop: October 1st 2008

- Conference 1-4 October 2008

Download the Workshop Call For Papers (PDF) and (DOC)

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