Media Lab Helsinki - Spring Demo Day 2008 Programme

The program runs from 13.00 in three roughly one hour sessions, with breaks in between allowing for refreshements and viewing works presented on the floor. Please note that the programme is preliminary and subject to change.

On Stage

Antti Ikonen, vice dean

Life? After Life!
Brenda Castro and Janne Kaasalainen
Short intro to our own experiences after being a MediaLabber. Quick look into what we are doing right now, what kind of challenges we face, and yes, what makes this all so fun. Quick demo of the projects we are involved in.

Screening Dyslexia and RAN
Jyrki Rissanen
Work done in co-operation with Media Lab and University of Jyväskylä related to dyslexia

A Different Journey - creating a DVD tool for premature babies' parents and nursing staff
Päivi Puntila & Suvi Kitunen

Lies and Seductions
Petri Lankoski, Reetakaisa Neittaanmäki, Niklas Gustafsson
Lies and Seductions is a game about seduction, lies, betrayal, and tragedy. Very early version of the game is shown.

MA in Sound in New Media
Antti Ikonen

Ikkunaprinsessa - music for the movie
Ilkka Olander
A charming 8 minute short film about a doll in shop window. No dialogue - the story is told mainly with pictures, sound and music.


eMari - presenting information culture and language free?
Juhani Tenhunen
The objective of the eMari-project is to develop and demonstrate methods that utilize mobile technology, for supporting (field) service activities during the product life cycle. One part of the project is to define how the information would be possible to present as free of language and culture and as possible.

Joinups - spontaneous social planning
Richard von Kaufmann, Diana de Sousa, Stefano Attardi
Joinups makes it easy for you to get your friends together. You can quickly create a joinup event on your mobile or check out your friends' social plans and let them know you are joining in. The project was developed for the Nokia Mobile Innovation Competition 2008 and has now been acquired by Zipipop - where it is being developed into a functional service with a sustainable business model.

AARRE - Views of the world
Viljo Malmberg, Jenna Sutela
AARRE is a participatory web service (an ongoing online exhibition) and its tangible presentation: an exhibition at Helinä Rautavaara Museum

Moipal - social gaming in a crossmedia virtual world
Miikka Junnila

Optical algorithmic
Miska Knapek
Optical algorithmic dives into markmaking and drawing, with a bit of electronic help, drawing - quite literally - the processes that allow us to see images and colour. Different realtime methods for rasterising and reproducing images will be shared.

Multimodal virtual system for the contemporary museum
Gabriele Musella
An inter-disciplinary journey between aesthetic, new media art, virtual spatiality.

Explorations in play
Jenna Sutela, Jari Suominen
A presentation of two art pieces.

The Grid - a visually interactive tv-show concept
Joonas Linkola,Vesa Luusua
The Grid is a team based gameshow in which players participate with a webcamera.


More lapses in time
Miska Knapek
Miska's own time experimentation saga....

Co-design partnerships - update on arki research projects and activities
Joanna Saad-Sulonen and Sanna Marttila

"To Do or not to Do?"
Lily Díaz
The presentation will include colloquial as well as formal information about what has been going on in the Doctor of Arts (in Art and Design) program in the past two years. Updates for the future will also be presented.

Systems of Representation research projects
Lily Díaz, Markku Reunanen, Anna Salmi
Brief descriptions of the recent SysRep projects (2007-2008): Map of Mexico, Marcus Lucretius' house, HandsOn and Finnish Pavilion

The Secret Life of Objects
Mariana Salgado
This semester we were involved in the design of an exhibition that took the name of our project. "The Secret Life of Objects, an Interactive Map of Finnish Design" is on show in Design Museum with objects from the permanent collection dating from 1874 to 2008.

Crucible Studio - for the Art and Design of Storytelling in New Media
Mika Tuomola
Media Lab's Crucible Studio research group explores, defines and creates new forms of storytelling in dialogue with new media and traditions of drama. The presentation updates recent and future research developments.

Presenting the Turing Machine Opera and Turing Enigma on-line chatter-bot
Kati Åberg
Crucible Studio and Helsinki Skaala Opera collaborated to produce Turing Machine, a multimedia opera, which premiered in Helsinki at Korjaamo March 2008. The 3D visualization and digital scenography for the opera was created at the Crucible Studio.

Anne Parkkali
Post-production of a film.


On the floor

Stretched tuning - a tuning of a piano as a network between upper harmonic frequencies
Sonja Krogius, Mikko Pykäri & Jari Suominen
The task was to visualize the over all tuning of a piano so that all relationships
between intervals are visible at the same time. The main purpose was to provide
information for research purposes and to have a tool for professional piano tuners and to gain better understanding on different ways a single piano can be tuned.

Tar 6
Juhani Räisänen
Tar 6 is an Interactive installation with live visuals and sound using the Wii controller.

Global Online-Music-Listening Pattern Map
Jenni Stenman, Abhigyan Singh
The aim of the project was to visualize how different countries are related based on online music listening behavior of the users. We have used as our data source, self-organizing map(SOM) algorithm to evaluate the data and processing for visualization.

Football Robots with mobile control
Mikko Toivonen & Kimmo Karvinen
Two football robots controlled with cellphone via bluetooth.

Niels Mud and Margaret Plaisted
A four minute visual narrative exploring two different cultures.

Margaret Plaisted
The aim of this project is to consider the role games and play have in the wider context of design, and to explore the ways in which games and play can be used to raise awareness about social, environmental and political issues.

Sidekick - Visualization of exercise progress in form of a generic 3D character
Linda Kronman, Teemu Korpilahti
The aim of the project was to visualize a generic 3D sidekick as a part of a project, where we encourage kids to move in their everyday life with the help of a pedometer and an online community.