The Second Nature



“Josh had a really unbelievable idea of using the camera with our telekinetic powers. Just like any of the three of us, as teenagers that played video games, would be able to do with the left joystick of our controller. And what’s almost… it’s second nature to us…”
Dane DeHaan, 2012, Chronicle Cast talk, chronicle2012 Youtube podcast

I HAVE FOUND  this particular quote rather illustrative for the state I see modern media in. I would not want to speculate much about it in within the post here, but rather add a link to the text I wrote.

THE READING I want to add to this is a well-known article “As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush (1945). I want to offer to read it in the “authentic environment” of LIFE Magazine that was kindly provided by Google Books.

What I want to offer is just to compare the dream vision  of media 70 years ago and now.


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