Rotoscope App: simulating freehand drawing with motion pencil strokes — sasha kazantsev

sasha kazantsev – Rotoscope App Demo
Read more about the final app on my website


sasha kazantsev “The Glorious Impossible” (see on YouTube)

The Wombats “Techno Fan” (see the story and video)

I am going to try to simulate a hand drawn rotoscope effect to use it later for generating some sequences of my movie. I have found a brilliant work referred above. It is pretty close to what I want, but way to complex and structured in the  outcome, since I need it messy and rather random at times to match with my video style.

The workflow it pretty obvious:
— Find pre-editing algorithm to posterize the image
— Find the points of interest and write the generative algorithms to suit the visual style
—  Find the optimum input-output decision for making the use of the app less tedious

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