visualising song and dance

Since it’s December, a bunch of my friends and I are doing secret santa. Given that we’re now spread across three countries, and shipping, logistics etc means that it’s become a real pain in the ass, it was suggested that we exchange drawings.

Not wanting to subject my kindergarten kid to my artistic prowess (or lack thereof) I decided to make a generative piece that he(or she) would have a hand (or two left feet and a hip) in.

So for the assignment, I want to create a program that will create a visualization that can be output as a pdf for printing. It will have circles that will be based on frequency analysis, the range running on the vertical height rather than horizontal, a few pixels over every second. The idea is that it will display, and leave the image of the circles behind with a very low alpha number (say 10%). To get the circles to display fully, my kindergarten kid has to dance very vigorously in front of the camera. Faster the ‘blobs’ move, the higher the alpha.

And here’s a dose of the music.


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