SHIFT is an experimental production based on the themes and issues that arose during the seminar discussions. SHIFT was realized to simulate the discussion and give flesh to it through the means of moving image, music and two voices engaged in discussion. All three elements are edited real-time by computer using both randomisation and a logic of organisation. The experiment aimed at creating an engaging, non-linear, poetic moving image piece that each viewing time creates a completely different web of associations from the same base material.

This work starts from the Buddha state of being, beyond contradictions. You can make the SHIFT to the human condition occur and the discussion begin by pressing the SHIFT button on your computer's keyboard. After you have inaugurated this transformation, the SHIFT, between the two states of being and living, just lay back and follow the dialogue. By pressing the SHIFT button again, the discussion will end and the two discussants will be SHIFTed back to the Buddha state of being. We invite you to SHIFT our work - and SHIFT yourself?

For further information on SHIFT, please contact Mika Tuomola, email.



University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Media Lab production

Shot in the Media Centre Lume TV studio
Sound recorded and edited in the Sibelius Academy Centre for Music and Technology

Aki Suzuki - Dancing Buddha, Woman, Man
Hanna Harris - Woman's voice
Mika Tuomola - Man's voice

script by
Ville Eerikäinen, Hanna Harris & Kari Kanto

script-edit by
Hanna Harris & Mika Tuomola

video-edit by
Sami Haartemo & Minna Nurminen

sound-edit and music by
Niina Saarelainen

computer programming by
Markus Norrena

graphic interface by
Egon Randlepp, Simona Schimanovich, Petri Kola

choreography by
Aki Suzuki

cinematography by
Sari Aaltonen

lights by
Arttu Peltomaa

Aki Suzuki's style by
Mika Tarvainen

produced by
Juhani Tenhunen

conceived and directed by
Mika Tuomola

inspired by
Joseph Campbell and Abu'l-Ala-Al-Ma'arri, Samuel Beckett, Björk, The Beatles
(George Harrison), Buddha, William Blake, Guiraut de Borneilh, Jesus Christ,
René Descartes, The Doors, Ecclesiastes, Albert Einstein, T.S.Eliot, Walter
, Petri Kola, Stanislaw Jerszy Lec, Lucretius, Karl Marx, The Moody Blues,
Friedrich Nietzsche, Sami Pekkola, Plato, Riikka Puustinen, The Ramones, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan, William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Maureen Thomas, Mark Twain, Vala

Thanks to
Paavo Ahvo/Stoa, Mångad Oy, Trevor Harris, Pekka Salonen



UIAH, Media Lab 2001