The interactive 3D model of the house is displayed in two different kinds of installations: a traditional desktop version with a large widescreen display and an immersive 3D display. In both versions the user navigates around the 3d model using a mouse. There are also hardware buttons for starting the virtual tour and bringing up the overview map of the house.

The immersive display by Sensetrix is a back-projected screen with a viewable area of about 140 cm by 100 cm. Two video projectors equipped with circular polarization filters provide a separate image for both eyes and using lightweight 3D glasses the user can see the house in stereo, much more realistically than on an ordinary display. The whole immersive setup is easily transported from a place to another — it takes less than 30 minutes to set it up at a new location.

Because of the highly detailed 3D model the installation requires up-to-date hardware. Both the desktop and the immersive versions run on high-end PC workstations equipped with modern 3D accelerators by NVidia. Especially the immersive version is demanding on the hardware since it needs to render two separate views of the same model.
Systems of Representation 2008