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From Forrest: Good news for my project, just made public

Art meets the open web: announcing the Mozilla Eyebeam Open(Art) Fellows https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2012/12/05/openart/ Art meets the open web Dec 5 2012 Announcing the Mozilla Eyebeam Open(Art) Fellows Stefan Hechenberger and Addie Wagenknecht, Toby Schachman and Forrest Oliphant Today, Mozilla and the … Continue reading

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Meemoo hackable web apps

A project that started in Interactive Cinema class as a web video remixer has abstracted itself over the past year into my thesis project. Meemoo is a modular flow-based visual programming environment that runs in modern web browsers. Meemoo is … Continue reading

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Swing Thing: playful interaction

Matti Niinimäki and Forrest Oliphant created this installation from Michihito Mizutani’s “poetic interaction” prompt at Winter 2010 Demo Day. Two people enter a darkened room with two swings. Classical music plays softly, and a cryptic symbol is projected between the … Continue reading

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Crafty time-lapse video

For my AV studio project, I collaborated with textile artist Aino Riiho to create a music video documentary of the collaborative creation of a blanket at the Textile Craft Teachers Union 100-year anniversary meeting. In the planning of the shoot … Continue reading

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Slithering: trading dimensions in video

(Welcome to the Media Lab Helsinki students blog. Here we will show you some of the things that we are making.) Computational photography is a wide concept with many possible interpretations and directions. I couldn’t choose one project for the … Continue reading

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