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The WATCH IT! webiste is a co-production of Eva Saro and UIAH Media Lab/ Minna Tarkka.

Eva Saro:
A visual artist from Switzerland, Eva Saro is interested in how we see and fabricate images. Since 1994, she has been involved in image-reading workshops, where it is an active process of discussion and creation which is fostered, rather than a "finished image" to be exhibited and consumed by a public usually familiar with art.

WATCH IT! workshop team in Helsinki:
Giedre Kligyte, Tomi Knuutila, Leena Saarinen, Rasmus Vuori (UIAH Media Lab), Jussi Latvala, Jutta Räsänen, Kaisu Nissi (UIAH Art education), and Joonas Kota (Academy of Fine Arts). Web design and digital exercises coordinated by Minna Tarkka (professor, UIAH Media Lab).

WATCH IT! web design:
Tomi Knuutila interface & graphic design Rasmus Vuori and Leena Saarinen, database and interaction design Minna Tarkka with Eva Saro, content planning

WATCH IT! image bank was created with contributions from:
The National Board of Antiquities, Ateneum, Museum of Art and History (Geneva), Finnish Photography Museum, H.Silander collection, Helsingin Sanomat, and Hasan & Partners.

Many thanks for help:
Olli Vilén
Sampo Karjalainen
Pekka Salonen
Jon Nykänen
Philip Dean

Eva Saro

Minna Tarkka

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