This page is arranged by Andrew Gryf Paterson, a Scottish artist-organiser, cultural producer, educator and researcher based in Helsinki, Finland.

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I work across the fields of media/ network/ environmental arts and activism, specialising in workshop design, participatory platforms for engagement, and facilitation. It am often involved in variable roles of initiator, participant, author and curator, according to different collaborative and cross-disciplinary processes.

My artistic-research interests lay in open culture/organisations, auto- ethnographic and archaeological methodologies and theory, and as well as sustainability issues from the social, ecological and economic perspective.

I am currently completing my Doctor of Arts candidacy at Aalto University ARTS Media, with the working title of “Artivistic Fieldwork: Engagements between Finland and Latvia”, which as a hybrid article-based thesis reflects upon the various practice-led processes which I have been involved in since moving to the Eastern Baltic Sea region in 2003.

Significant processes/projects refered to include: Berry Commons (2011), Herbologies/Foraging Networks (2010); Alternative Economy Cultures programme of Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2009); Clip Kino in Kirjasto10 Helsinki library and other locations (2008 onwards); Hengitä.hankala hengittää at Happihuone, Helsinki (2007), Add+PF+? in the Pedagogical Factory programme at Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago (2007); Tähtikuvitelma for Valon Voimat Festival, Helsinki (2005); Aware platform workshops in Helsinki, Stockton-on-Tees, Daugavpils, Sydney and Oslo (2003-2005); Locative Media Workshop: Rautatieasema for Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2004/2006), Mapmyths (2003-2004). Over this period, experience, reflections and findings have been written as articles in various cultural and peer-reviewed publications.

Download draft thesis article index/layout PDF [76 KB]

Since late 2010, I have been coordinator and facilitator of an outreach & educational programme called Pixelversity for Piknik Frequency ry cultural association ..
The organisation is more commonly known as Pixelache, based in Helsinki.

I have teaching experience at Aalto University ARTS, specialising in practice-led writing, and at Metropolia University of Applied Science in digital media culture, both in Helsinki, and have given numerous presentations in higher institutions internationally. I am also specialised in coordinating and facilitating workshops for multi-disciplinary professionals, students and young people.


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