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  • Games and Self-Imagining, a Comparative Media Perspective by Jan Van Looy
  • ‘I am Trying to Believe’: Dystopia as Utopia in the Year Zero Alternate Reality Game by Alexander Charles Oliver Hall

Issue also includes seven smaller persective pieces and five reviews.

An open access journal has published an issue about games, Games as Transformative Works.


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Mick West writes about how to make NPCs or game system to make mistakes in a piece  Intelligent Mistakes: How to Incorporate Stupidity Into Your AI Code at Gamasutra; something we needed also think when designing poker minigame for Lies and Seductions.

Game Studies journal seems to be resurrected after long coma.

Issue 8(2)

  • Jørgensen: Audio and Gameplay: An Analysis of PvP Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft
  • Tyler: A Procrustean Probe
  • Sample: Virtual Torture: Videogames and the War on Terror
  • Sicart: Defining Game Mechanics
  • Zagal & Bruckman: Novices, Gamers, and Scholars: Exploring the Challenges of Teaching About Games

Issue 8(1)

  • Miller: The Accidental Carjack: Ethnography, Gameworld Tourism, and Grand Theft Auto
  • Karlsen: Quests in Context: A Comparative Analysis of Discworld and World of Warcraft
  • Barton: How’s the Weather: Simulating Weather in Virtual Environments
  • Hutchison: Making the Water Move: Techno-Historic Limits in the Game Aesthetics of Myst and Doom
  • Höglund: Electronic Empire: Orientalism Revisited in the Military Shooter
  • Ouellette: “I Hope You Never See Another Day Like This”: Pedagogy & Allegory in “Post 9/11″ Video Games
  • Hall & Baird: Improving Computer Game Narrative Using Polti Ratios

Workshop for NPC AI: Presentation slides should appear to workshop site at some point according to report at Game AI for Developers.

Presentations seems interesting. Need to check if the presenters have published something relevant to my research.

Available on the Internet.

Need to check at least following papers:

  • SimDialog: A Visual Game Dialog Editor (Charles Owen, Frank Biocca, Corey Bohil and Jason Conley)
  • Rules of Engagement: Influence of Co-Player Presence on Player Involvement in Digital Games (Brian Gajadhar, Yvonne de Kort and Wijnand IJsselsteijn)
  • Game Design and the Challenge-Avoiding Impression Manager Player Type (Carrie Heeter, Brian Magerko, Ben Medler and Joe Fitzgerald)
  • A Transmedia Comparison of Digital and Tabletop Board Games (Brian Magerko)

Notes on literature; September 6th, 2008

From quick reading, the paper A Preliminary Study Of Shy Males Interacting With A Virtual Female seems useful. I Need to reread it with time and think if I can use it in my dissertation. From Abstract of the paper:

This paper describes a preliminary experiment that studied the reactions of male participants to an approach by an attractive and friendly virtual woman in a Cave-like system. [...] Our results show that the participants tended to respond to the situation at the subjective, behavioural and physiological level as if it were real. (Pan & Slater, 2007)

Pan, X. & Slater, M. (2007). A Preliminary Study Of Shy Males Interacting With A Virtual Female. In Presence 2007: The 10th Annual International Workshop on Presence, Pp. 101-108, Barcelona, Spain. URL: