Stereo basics

Some Binocular Depth Cues



Stereopsis is the only binocular depth cue we'll need to use to create still stereo images.

When two eyes view the same scene, the images drawn on their retinas differ a bit. Click the pic to see the example a bit larger. Judging from these two images and the position of the eyes, the brain creates a sensation of depth.

This we can to some extent simulate by creating two images, which can be viewed with two eyes.


10 % of people can not interpret stereopsis, making them 'stereoblind'. An optician can perform a stereo test, if you'd like to know how good your stereo sight is.

Other binocular cues

Not discussed in this project are cues that depend on motion. They include titles such as Motion Parallax, where the brain uses the motion of the viewers eyes and head in relation to the location and movement of the objects seen.

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