The idea for Art's Birthday 2005 is for sound-artists around the world to inhabit the city and plan events. Mlab / UIAH Helsinki contributes to the Art's Birthday 2005 celebration by organizing Noise City Helsinki electro-acoustic music event on Saturday 15th of January at KOKO Teatteri.

Noise City Helsinki aims at creating a possibility for the participants of the event to experience different types of city waves transforming into sound structures. Performers of the Noise City Helsinki event are; Clonus Patterns, Petri Kuljuntausta, SolarDuo Project and Erkki Kurenniemi.

Noise City Helsinki crew; KorayTahiroglu, Joni Lyytikainen, Sanna Karmakka , Sami Karmakka, Richard Widenberg, Koko Teatteri
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17:30-19:00 NoiseCity warm-up
Electroacoustic music at Bar KOKO

KokoTheatre. The bar is closed during the play. Tickets: 5 Euro with NoiseCity flyer more info at KokoTeatteri >>

Bar KOKO, free entry
Starring Erkki Kurenniemi, Petri Kuljuntausta, SolarDuo Project and Clonus Patterns.

The event will be streamed at the following URL -- http://Streaming server >>


Clonus Patterns    21:30 (GMT+2)
Improvisation band from Mlab / UIAH, will use mobile telecommunication frequencies, that are constantly around us whether they are in a silent form, as a source and turn them into audible frequencies within their improvisation session. Participants of this event can simply take part in Clonus Patterns improvisation session by sending SMS messages to the number that will be announced during the event. Each word, each letter in these text messages will be transformed into individual sound forms, which will be the part of the Clonus Patterns improvisation.

Petri Kuljuntausta    22:00 (GMT+2)
Petri Kuljuntausta is an internationally well-known composer, performer and sound artist. He incorporates environmental and concrete elements in his compositions to create fascinating intensive soundscapes. Petri Kuljuntausta has been called as an "acoustic photographer".

SolarDuo Project    22:30 (GMT+2)
SolarDuo Project experiments on the possible sound structures that light waves can create. They will use solar panel instruments and Helsinki sun information within their computational algorithms to organize their sounds in the performance.

Erkki Kurenniemi    23:00 (GMT+2)
The legend in Finnish electro-acoustic music scene. Erkki Kurenniemi is an artist and an inventor. He made his first synthesizers forty years ago and was a central figure in the development of electronic music in Scandinavia. Erkki Kurenniemi has recently been developing new theory for harmonies, which is tightly connected to computer generated soundscapes.