Seeders ‘N’ Leechers ‘R’ Us

January-June 2008
Eyebeam Centre for Art and Technology, New York, USA.



We aim to develop an open model for self-organised 'Clip Kino': micro-cinema, which consists of content downloaded from P2P file-sharing online networks, and popular media sharing platforms.

The ambition is to organise events which drag aspects of the normalised 'private' activity of viewing downloaded content into public space for screening, appreciation and debate. The term "environmental awareness" aims to include the social ecology of one’s interests, desires, and attentions in one's peer-group and community.

Workshop sessions will explore creative file-sharing together in physical-material space, and extrapolate copyright/left issues in youth/subcultural terms. Face-to-face facilitation is crucial here, while critical education of IP and public-private space issues is important.

Seeder's N Leecher's R US is intended as a statement of pride and empowerment.


Programme of activity

Block #1: /Tues/Wed/Thurs/ 17th January-4th March 2008
During this period we followed a weekly schedule of ideas and online clip sharing, exploring different aspects of the genre, neighbourhood and media environmental awareness, intellectual property, p2p networks and event production. On the 27th February, a public screening 'Clip Kino' event was help at Eyebeam entitled 'Teen Mashup', coordinated by Tahj Banks, Glen Moore, Jayquan Harris and Wandy Marcano.

The Schedule and Sessions

Synopsis of first 3 weeks of activity

Video documentation by Christian Kral of 'Teen Mashup' event [edited .mp4 16.2 MB]


Block #2: /Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/ 12th-17th May 2008
In continuation of Eyebeam resident Andrew Paterson's Seeders 'N' Leechers 'R' Us project, Eyebeam student residents Tahj Banks and Glen Moore will work in tutorial & feedback processes at Eyebeam, 12-16th May, based on audio-visual materials developed since March.

Event documentation coming soon.



This project is coordinated by Andrew Gryf Paterson, involving Eyebeam Students-in-Residence Tahj Banks, Glen Moore, Wandy Marcano, Jayquan Harris (January-March) in New York, USA.

Christina Kral worked as documentarist and production assistant from February-April 2008.

’Seeders N Leechers R Us’ project is made with the support of Eyebeam


Background context

This concept developed as a proposal for an Eyebeam residency in March-May 2007, beginning January 2008.

The project proposal was further developed, and inspired by, the practice of Inka Jurvanen, Emilia Liljeström, Sera Martikainen, Marianne Mäkelin, Mikko Mällinen, Ilona Romunen, Tessa Siira (students of the Self-Organising and Networking MAA course), who made the project Jii Hutikka’s Clip Karavaani, as part of Valon Voimat Festival in Helsinki, November 2007;

The Clip Kino events continued in Finland afterwards in 2008 onwards.


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