December 26, 2007

Its all over now!

Ok, so we're all packed up and without a home once again. Last Friday we had an extremely intense day of packing, cleaning the house, finally selling the car, giving up our home in Auckland, etc. Well, packing was done by the removal company, so we did only cleaning with a great help from Nicoletta, Ana and Blessing (Ana's daughter!).

It was great to have them around, especially because of the makeshift picnic that they arranged in our parking lot. Instead of non-stop toiling through the day, we had a cake and champagne (with fresh strawberries!) break and it just made the day a whole lot more bearable!

Our last night in Auckland we stayed at a hotel and I can't describe how pleased and relieved I felt to have all the stress and worries behind us (and 3 weeks of holiday ahead!). Well, I felt even more relieved that we didn't have to clean the hotel room when we left (after the whole day of scrubbing on Friday...)

No pictures of our move (still in the camera)...

And right now we're in Ho Chi Mingh (after a couple of days in Singapore with Jo and Giuliano's family). 3 weeks of tropical holiday bliss ahead! Yay!

And by the way, broadband is faster in HCMC, Vietnam than Auckland, NZ!!

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