April 18, 2008

April horrors

This is our house from the outside. It is pretty incredible to see these 2 week old pictures. I don't remember when was the last time I saw blue sky, we have had horrible autumny weather for about 2 weeks now. As dark and as cold as European end of October. I feel we've been cheated once again!!! Sydney is not a summery paradise after all!!! Today i wore my warmest coat to work (I really hope that it won't get much colder than this...) and I was terrified to see girls in spaghetti tops dolled up for the night out hitting the streets as the night fell! Jeez, how do they do that? I need woolen socks and a hot bottle to stay somewhat comfortable... Am I just getting old?!

We've been steadily acquiring stuff. Some planned, some not so. Like those 92 bottles of wine that Kaj successfully bid for in online auction... At least we're set up nicely for the winter and we don't need to worry that wine will ever run out in this house... I hope our livers won't be pickled by the end of it! Have you ever owned 92 bottles of wine?!? Believe me, its quite a lot when you see it all piled up in a corner of your home!

We also acquired a car since last couple of weeks. This time was an incredibly painless process (I remember it took us some 3 months to find our previous lemon in NZ!), we checked only one car and we bought it! So far its looking/behaving good. It looks ridiculously small when we plunk our 8ft surfboards on top though! But who cares as long as it takes us places and is able to carry those surfboards. We've been putting this car in good use last couple of weekends, I finally caught my first Australian wave and that was mighty exciting!! it is always disheartening to see all those 10 year old kids snatch the waves in front of your nose, but I just have to persevere... I'll start getting waves again, I'm sure!

And one of the latest additions at the home front is the Tongan tapa (remember, the one that Nicoletta and Owen gave us?! And since you, Nicoletta, are reading this blog now, I'm not doing this because I know that you're reading, its because I think it is so gorgeous!!!) When we unfolded it, it covered the whole floor of our lounge!

I still have wee hopes that Indian summer will come eventually... Otherwise there's a bl**dy long misery ahead of us!!! It is just April and so horrible alreadyyyyyy!

Posted by gkligyte at April 18, 2008 08:23 PM
Ha ha, well, we do enjoy the piece we got!!! When are you guys coming to visit our tapa piece?!?! Posted by: Giedre on April 25, 2008 05:47 PM
Lol!!! Well when you start addressing parts of your blog to me, it's little wonder that I think it's just for my exclusive benefit ;-). But seriously, we're so glad you guys are getting enjoyment from the piece you got. It looks so great in the photos! 'Home' is really coming together nicely! Posted by: Nicoletta on April 22, 2008 05:25 AM
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