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Mobile Python - Rapid prototyping of applications on the mobile platform, Jürgen Scheible and Ville Tuulos, Wiley 2007. Order here

Book chapters:

'Multimodal art tools for creating and sharing interactive engaging experiences', Scheible J. In: Selke S & Dittler U (eds.) Postmediale Wirklichkeiten aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive. Heise Zeitschriften Verlag, Hannover, Germany, 2010, 223-238.

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Journal articles :

Scheible Jürgen, Ojala Timo, MobiSpray: Mobile Phone as Virtual Spray Can for Painting BIG Anytime Anywhere on Anything, Special Issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, Vol. 42, No. 4, pp. 332–341, 2009. (PDF)

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Awards / Scholarships:

Best Speaker Award, TECHNARTE 2010, Bilbao, Spain.

Forum Nokia Champion awarded y Nokia, as an honor for activities and contributions to the mobile industry (2006,2007,2009).

Special mention in MindTrek Awards 2008 for MobiSpray project, for a creative concept combining traditional media and natural interaction to paint big pieces of urban art.

ACM Computers in Entertainment Scholarship Award winner 2006

Best Paper Award winner (Arts track) at ACM Multimedia 2005 conference

Talks, workshops and tutorials:

Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop, 05/11
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/11
Oulu, Univ. Oulu
, Workshop 05/10
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/10
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 02/10
Carnegie Mellon Univ., Mobile Art&Code
, Tutorial 10/09
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 05/09
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 03/09
Tallinn University,
Workshop 02/09
Vancouver, ACM Multimedia 2008
, Tutorial 10/08
Taiwan, Nightmarket 2008
, PyS60 WS 08/08
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/08
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 02/08
Oulu, MuM07 conference
, Tutorial 12/07
TeliaSonera Helsinki
, Tutorial 12/07
Oulu, UBI Life research project
, Tutorial 11/07
Augsburg, ACM Multimedia 2007
, Tutorial 09/07
Univ. Aalborg, Denmark
, Tutorial 09/07
Nokia-Siemens Helsinki
, Tutorial 08/07
Taiwan, Nightmarket 2007
, PyS60 WS 08/07
Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan
, PyS60 WS 08/07
Beijing BUCT
, PyS60 Workshop 07/07
Singapore FN Champion day
, talk 06/07
Toronto OCAD,
PyS60 tutorial 05/07
Amsterdam, MobileMusic
WS 05/07
Sao Paulo, Brazil
PyS60 W S 03/07
Manaus, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Brasilia, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Recife, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Bossa conf. Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Potsdam Hochschule
PyS60 talk 02/07
Stanford University
PyS60 WS 11/06
Beihang Univ. Beijing
PyS60 WS 11/06
Nokia FN Days Praq
PyS60 tutorial 10/06
DTU Copenhagen
PyS60 workshop 08/06
Tallinn University
PyS60 workshop 10/06
MIT Innovation Lab
PyS60 talk 09/06 (invited by Eric von Hippel)
Ars Electronica
PyS60 workshop 08/06
NTU Taipei
PyS60 workshop 06/06
PyS60 talk 05/06
MIT Boston
, PyS60 tutorial 01/06
Stanford University, PyS60 tutorial 01/06
Adobe Headquartes, San Francisco 01/06
Nokia, Mountain View 01/06
IDEO, San Francisco 01/06
Yahoo, Santa Clara 01/06
Google, Mountain View (visit) 01/06
Symbian headquarters, London12/05


Performances - MobiSpray (curated):


ESG Bretten, Bretten, Germany.

TV Komm, TV Baden event, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Kulturama 2011, Leuven, Belgium.

Oberderdinger Kulturtage ART INSIDE, Forum Oberderdingen, Germany.


New York's Flatiron building, CLEAR Wireless, New York.

Helsinki University, MobiSpray event, Finland.



MobiSpray - Paint My City. Photographs of MobiSpray art work. Solo exhibition at Forum Oberderdingen, Germany.

MobiSpray - Paint My City. (2010) Photographs of MobiSpray art work Solo exhibition at LUME Gallery, Helsinki.

Beijing 798 Arts destrict: 2007 Beijing Summer Digital Entertainment Jam Exhibition DE-Day : Works shown: MobiLenin, MobileArtblog, Word in Space

Ars Electronica 2006: Works shown: MobiLenin, MobileArtblog, Word in Space


Music Publications:

- CD Release, Finland
CD "Gogogo Revolution": All 12 tracks written, performed, recorded
and produced by Jürgen Scheible (Lenin's Godson).

- CD Release, Germany, Switzerland, Austria : CD "Gogogo Revolution"
released by Pila Music, Germany.


Dr. Jürgen Scheible
Aalto University,
School of Art & Design,
Media Lab
Hämeentie 135C
FIN-00560 Helsinki, Finland

Programming Skills:
- Mobile app programming
- Python programming
- PHP programming
- Database programming
- Flash AS programming
- Max/MSP programming
- Apple script programming

New Media Design Skills:
- Mobile app design
- Mobile media production     (iPhone, iPad)
- Flash app Design
- MySQL Database design
- Server application design     (MySQL, PHP, Python
- Game design
    (Flash & Java & Director)
- Digital video production
    (pre, post production)
- DVD production
- Music / Sound production
    (composing, recording,     editing, mastering)
- Web design (HTML, Java     Script, Flash, Shockw.)
- Concept design - Project management

Software skills:
- Python
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Final Cut
- DVD Pro
- Logic studio (Music)
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects
- Pure Data (Pd)
- MAX/MSP/Jitter


Copyright © Scheible 2011.