Tomi Knuutila
born 070773
gsm +358-40-5024115

Graduated from Jyväskylän Lyseo-high school (laudatur) in 1993.Speaks English and Finnish fluently, understands and gets along with Swedish, French, and Russian.


Photography, Central Finland school of handicrafts & design 1995
Art theory & history, graphic design, multimedia & visual communication
at the Jyväskylä university 1994-98 (BA)
MA in new media 1998-2000, UIAH Medialab


A lot of Internet sites, whole designs as a freelancer, e.g.
triad -interactive dancepiece in collaboration with Marikki Hakola
art2 magazine for UIAH

work as a graphic / multimedia designer in several cdrom productions, including:
Life and Death in Venice (part of Marita Liulia's S.O.B. -cdrom),
Lepakko - cave people -cdrom
Exhibition multimedia for the National Museum of Finland
Medieval Porvoo -multimedia for Porvoo Museum

currently working as a new media designer at Everscreen


photoshop, cyanotype and van Dyke brown and saltpaperprinting, polymerprinting, etching, lito-offset, woodcut, book binding, papermaking, textile printing, bronze casting, calligraphy etc.


photography group exhibitions in Finland 1992-98

multimedia: collagerator exhibited in continent, Brussels-Helsinki, Belgium-Finland, 8 SEP - 12 OCT 2000, Online@Offline festival in Pärnu, Estonia 24.-25. NOV 2000 and Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois (RIHL), international festival and competition for film and new media schools, Poitiers, France, 5 - 11 MAR, 2001.

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