>>> Cultural Usability - a preliminary resarch project on culture-driven design
Cultural Usability is a preliminary research project funded in 2000 by the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH. The research project maps out ways through which knowledge from the fields of cultural studies and media theory could be brought to bear on new media design and development. The preliminary research aims at mapping and defining critical approaches and creating models towards improving the cultural usability of media technology and content production. In doing this, project also aims at creating links between the networks of cultural studies, design and technology development.

The central role in the research is assigned to the social and cultural practices through which the user is constructed in the design process.The aim is to develop design methods that reach beyond the functional interests of contemporary usability research and interface development. 'Cultural usability' is a working hypothesis for a design practice that takes into account the larger socio-cultural context of use.

Minna Tarkka
Heidi Tikka

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