Critical Information Spaces

The design of information environments is based on strong assumptions about the human and the machine, about culture and society. What is the strategic and tactical role of the designer in supporting or contesting these assumptions?

Starting from a cultural-critical approach, looking closely at the social and rhetorical practices in the production of information spaces, our aim is to imagine, prototype and design alternatives.

Through the essays and prototypes in progress, we wish to redefine design criticism as a tactical field combining reflection with action, speculation with production.

>>> Project abstracts
> Airgarden - interfacing flowspace
> Clashscapes - practice-oriented research into cybertext production
> Export -comparing design practices across disciplines
> Meta-matic - the browser as creative software
> Screamactive - amplifying activity in interactivity
> Very closed circuit - terminals for self-surveillanc
> Virtual Homage - participatory design for public spaces

>>> Participants

>>> Cultural usability research project