>>> Meta-matic - the browser as creative software
Keywords: alternative browsers, metadesign, design strategies, digitalaesthetics, information space, user experience.

The Meta-matic research project studies the emergent phenomenon of alternative browsers and explores ways of designing future browsers. The project began by examining the motivations behind the development of alt.browsers and how they change the user experience of the Internet at the software level. The cases chosen for the study use novel navigation and presentation strategies to defamiliarize browsing and present new usage paradigms for the Internet.

The term meta-matic comes from Swiss neo-dadaist Jean Tinguely who created mechanical sculptures that automatically generated "art". The concept of a machine capable of autonomously generating art/ideas/compositions - viewpoints - has been a major influence in the implications of broadband and thinking of ways to make software more personal and aesthetic is our version of meta-matic - the browser as creative software.

With meta-matic the concept of browser is transformed from a frame into an information space to a user configurable platform for representing, repurposing and interacting with all kinds of content be it on a network, a personal computer or around us in wireless "intelligent " environments of the future.

>>> Team: Jokko Korhonen, Johanna Höysniemi