>>> Screamactive - amplifying activity in interactivity
Physically and experientially our life seems to narrow down while we face the world through mediated views. Media gives us the means to interpret who and what is desirable or not. At work, we sit in front of our computer and do word processing. The desire to be successful and effective is the rationale for everything we do. It's not anymore possible to leave work at the workplace.

The imperative of interaction was one of the disturbing qualities of interactive media we found in beginning of our research. In some of our experiments this quality has been brought forth by amplifying the audience manipulation to the maximum. In others, we have experimented with idleness and nonsense as forms of resistance.

One of our most profound results has been the realization that 'interaction' should not be just another, added layer to the work. If we choose to work with interactive elements, they should be included in the design process from the beginning. Interactivity itself is not automatically adding any extra value to the work.

Our group is interested in the kind of information spaces where the experience of meeting people is mixed with media. In these situations, we aim at a better understanding of human nature, taking into account that a person has a body, a deep mind and a relationship to his/her surroundings. We are especially interested in the audiovisual story aspects of these situations and how interactive media affects it.

>>> Team: Minna Nurminen, Markku Mastomäki, Petri Kola

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