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The project group will create an exhibition about the religious and secular celebration of Semana Santa, Easter, in Carúpano, a small coastal town in Venezuela. The exhibition will take place at the Helinä Rautavaara museum, in Espoo, Finland.

The exhibition will focus on the contrast between rituals beliefs and religious practices organized by the Catholic church in Carúpano during the celebration of the Holy Week, and the secular aspects of vacation time spent with the family.

Thus the exhibition will also expand on the following themes: the home as private and public space, the market and the local economy, celebration rituals of Catholic Holy Week, synchretism, and leisure time at the beach.

Sound, video, photography and material culture artifacts will be integrated in the final exhibition with the objective to produce an immersive experience in which guests (active visitors, not observers) can visit a foreign culture."Among our goals is to create an interactive experience that makes use of technology to access emotional memory and play with the idea of space." The interaction and techology will be as transparent as possible.

Design Concept for Exhibition

The material for the exhibition, consisting of photographs, audio and video, was collected in Venezuela by the anthropology students participating in this project. The main goal of the exhibition is to reconstruct the living conditions of Venezuelan people in Carúpano . In addition we seek to increase understanding of different life styles and draw people's attention to Caribian area and to Latin America in general.

The Semana Santa (Easter) in Carúpano exhibition will be open to public in April 2000.


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