Heidi Tikka




mobile projects




Concept: Heidi Tikka
Technical implementation: Grip Studios Interactive
Production: Heidi Tikka

Funding: AVEK, Ministry of Education
In collaboration with: Radiolinja Elisa Mobile, HUS Naistenklinikka and Kätilöopiston sairaala maternity wards, KIASMA

"Syntymiä" was the first mms-pilot in an ongoing project "tilanteita" (situations). With the funding from the Ministry of Education and sponsorship from Radiolinja (Elisa) and Kiasma, the "syntymiä" mobile service experiment was produced in November 2003.

The project involved collaboration with two maternity wards in Helsinki, Kätilöopisto and Naistenklinikka, both part of the HUS Women's Hospital. In the process camera phones were introduced to the nurses in the participating wards and the system for their safe circulation was designed.

Between November 3.-23.2003, families with new born babies were able to borrow a camera phone while in hospital. Two public places were developed and offered to the families, who wanted to announce publicly about the birth of their child with a mms message.

The images were projected onto the back window of Kiasma, facing towards Mannerheimintie and the Parliament House. The images were also published and archived online.

The audience was able to welcome the babies to the world through the web site or by sms-messaging.

Approximately 120 families participated in mms-messaging and the web service was accessed more than 8000 times during the three weeks of the experiment.