Heidi Tikka




mobile projects




Interactive video projections 2000-2004

In the most recent series of video installations I have worked with my son. As a series of affective encounters at the interface, they document and engage the visitor with certain significant moments in our evolving relationship.


The Double
Interactive video projection, in progress, will be completed by Nov 2004

As the mother guarding nightly my son's sleep, I am constantly reminded of the shifting boundaries of that agency which is and is not my dreaming child. To whom does his sleep and his dreams belong to?


Another Eye
Interactive video projection, 2001

"Another eye" documents the moment when my child becomes conscious of the camera between himself and his mother.


Mother, Child
Interactive video projection, 2000

In "Mother, Child", the visitor holds the video image of the child. The mood of the child depends on the others nearby.


Installations 1994-1998


Hospital garments 1920-1990
25 chromogenic prints, 1998

Hospital garments traces the positions specific to a number of garments used in Finnish mental wards between 1920-1990. It was made in collaboration with Tammiharju hospital museum.


Mixed media installation, 1998

Enclosed is a fantasy space, staged into an old cabinet. It condenses together several optical technologies from the history of photography.

  • "Mikä on todellista?" (What is real?) The Finnish Triennial of Photography, Mikkeli Art Museum, 1999
  • The Finnish Triennial of Photography, Helsinki Art Hall, 1998

No documentation available


Stereoscope and zoetrope installation, 1995

Sovitus is a finnish word that refers to fitting a dress, adaptation and redemption. All these meanings are in play within the images that put the spectator on stage, into the place of a needlewoman, hallucinating, while carrying on her daily routines.


Screen Memories
Stereoscope and interactive video projection, 1994

In Screen Memories the spectator looks at the stereoscopic scenes through the eyes of a little girl, inquiring into the origin of herself.