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  Previous SolarDuo Project Performances

  Ars Electronica 2006
  ctrl_alt_del Sound Art Festival
  Aureobel Launch Event
  NoiseCity Helsinki I
  Art's Birthday Event



Project began during a workshop in 2003 at Media Lab Helsinki when Koray Tahiroglu & Joni Lyytikainen tried to connect a solar panel directly to a sound mixer, however; they discovered that more electric components were needed to achieve different sound structures from a solar panel. They created circuits that are based on the example by Ralf Schreiber, which inspired them to create their own solar panel instruments.

SolarDuo Project experiments with the possible sound structures that light waves can create in analog and in digital environments. Project utilizes analog sounds together with the algorithms. Analog sounds and computer-generated sounds release an unexpected richness of the sound processing in real-time performances.

0/1 and 5/4 are the first Solar Panel analog instruments created by SolarDuo Project. 0/1 is a modification of an old pocket calculator that uses solar panel as an electric source. 0/1 is sonifying calculations. Capacitors, resistors and an oscillator chip are the components of the instrument 5/4. Solar panel and light resistors control the sounds created by 5/4 instrument.



The structures of algorithms have an important role in real-time sound processing. One type of algorithm that is used in SolarDuo Project is based on manipulation of sampled sounds. Algorithms generate modifications according to the different parameter changes. These parameter changes are controlled and manipulated related to the over all sound structures during the improvisation process. Sampled sounds are usually pre-recorded sound materials; however, real-time manipulations create completely new sounds from the existing ones during the performance. The other types of algorithms that are used in this project are constructed on generative methods and the sonification of solar data, which is gathered from terrestrial and orbiting solar instruments.

SolarDuo Project's algorithmic strategies and musical work done in this project rely on the improvisation process, which frames a ground to a way of performing that gives unexpected results. SolarDuo Project explores a changing set of sonic relationships overtime.

SolarDuo Project is using the following open source environments; Pure Data, a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video and graphical processing (, Python programming language (, and PHP scripting language (

SolarDuo Project performed at Piksel05 Festival Bergen/Norway, Ctrl_Alt_Del Sound Art Festival Ð the 9th Istanbul Biennial Istanbul/Turkey, Aureobel Launch Event, Art's Birthday 2005 and Art's Birthday 2004 in Helsinki/Finland.