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bos.gif Invented Instruments @ Live Performance at Colourscape Music Festival
03 August 2012
Turku, Finland

Live performance with Johannes Bergman at Colourscape festival, 4 hours continues improvisation with all kinds of invented instruments. bos.gif InHands: Improvisation for Mobile Phones @ NIME 2012
21 May 2012
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

InHands, an audiovisual real-time improvisation for mobile phones, explores alternative options for musical interactions with two mobile instruments in live performances. bos.gif AHNE: 3D DJ Interface@ Int. Conference on Eurohaptics
13 June 2012
Tampere, Finland

The first implementation of the system, AHNE as a musical controller in a performance context. bos.gif

Live Audio Cues Performance @ Pure Data Convention 2011
09 August 2011
Weimar, Germany

Live Audio Cues is an audiovisual real-time improvisation for live electronics and gesture controlled musical instruments, interfaced with torch and mobile devices. bos.gif Raja Performance @ Windson 2011
09 February 2011
London, UK

Raja interactive dance project is invited for a performance in London, Windsor for Nokia NRC event bos.gif Raja Performance @ Nokia Foundation Awards Ceremony 2010
11 November 2010
Helsinki, Finland

Raja interactive dance performance was a part of Nokia Foundation Awards Ceremony 2010 bos.gif Live Audio Cues Performance @ TodaysArt Festival 2010
25 September 2010
Den Haag, Netherlands

New audiovisual performance series Live Audio Cues performed during the TodaysArt Festival bos.gif Live Audio Cues Performance @ Sound and Music Computing Conference 2010
22 July 2010
Barcelona, Spain

The 7th edition of the Sound and Music Computing Conference was organized by University of Pompeu Fabra, and I performed Live Audio Cues during the Instrumental-Electronic Concert 1 night. bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ Biennale Festival 2010
24 April 2010
Korjamo, Helsinki, Finland

This is the last part of the LiveImprovS~ performance series. bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ IDKA Push Festival 2010
19 March 2010
Gävle, Sweden

IDKA, the institute for digital arts, in Gävle organized an international festival for experimental Music. Invited musicians; Nina de Heney, Josep Lluís Galiana, David Berezan and Koray Tahiroğlu bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ Make Art Festival 2009
11 December 2009
Poitiers, France

Make Art is an international festival dedicated to the integration of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) in digital art. bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ Sound and Music Computing Conference 2009
23 July 2009
Porto, Portugal

SMC is a privileged forum in Europe for the promotion of international exchanges around Sound and Music Computing. bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ PixelIst Festival 2009
29 April 2009
Istanbul, Turkey

New node in the Pixelache network, PixelIST focuses on knowledge production for its first edition. Collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki and Bilgi University Visual Communication Design Department. bos.gif LiveImprovS~ Performance @ Linux Audio Conference 2009
16 April 2009
Parma, Italy

Linux Audio Conference went outside Germany for the first time, LAC involved paper presentations, workshops, electro-acoustic music concerts. bos.gif LiveImprovS -Performance @ Citysense-Kosmopolis-NOMAD
20 September 2008
Istanbul, Turkey

CitySense offers a playful interpretation on how to actively engage your urban senses and reveals the hidden and questions the exposed in an evening choc-a-bloc with the practices of Dutch and Turkish artists. bos.gif Electro-acoustic music performance @ garajIstanbul
13 September 2008
Istanbul, Turkey

Electro-acoustic music live performances by IDKA and Turkish artists at garajIstanbul. bos.gif Blue Night @ garajIstanbul
09 December 2007
Istanbul, Turkey

Blue night is an annual Electro-acoustic music event organized by Elektrophonie in France and in 2 different countries. bos.gif Live ImprovS- Performance @ PureData Convention 07
22 August 2007
Montreal, Canada

Live Improvisation performance with electronics and PureData algorithms at PureData Convention 07 in Montreal. bos.gif SolarDuo Project @ New Music Festival
04 May 2007
Studio Live, Istanbul Turkey

SolarDuo Project performed at New Music Festival in Istanbul. bos.gif Piksel06
12-15 October 2006
Bergen, Norway

EMI Project (by David Cuartielles, Koray Tahiroglu, Enrique Tomas) performed at Piksel06, a festival for open source environments in Bergen bos.gif 3 Nights- Experimental and Electroacoustic Music in Helsinki
28 - 30 September 2006
NIFCA (Suomenlinna Island), Finland

Francois Martig - Koray Tahiroglu. Artists built a sound piece for the Festival Nuits Electroniques de l'Ososphere, in Strasbourg on 29th of September. bos.gif SolarDuo Project @ Ars Electronica 2006
29 August - 06 September 2006
Linz, Austria

SolarDuo Project (by Koray Tahiroglu and Joni Lyytikainen) was invited to perform at Ars Electronica 2006 festival. SolarDuo Project introduced new instruments during the performance at RoterKrebs, Linz on 2nd of September. bos.gif ImproMasters in FYLKINGEN
05 May 2006
Flykingen, Stockholm

Impromasters final concert II was at the FYLKINGEN, Stockholm bos.gif UNKNOWN CITY
26 April 2006
Toolo, Helsinki, Finland

IMPROVHELSINKI presents UNKNOWN CITY --- line up for this day time gig was James Andean (canada), Koray Tahiroglu (turkey), Matt Chaumont (australia) bos.gif EMI Night!!
17 March 2006
KokoTeatteri, Helsinki, Finland

Performers introduced their self-made analog or digital musical instruments at experimental musical instruments night. Performance line -up is, Juha Valkeapaa, Pilvari Pirtola, EMI Project (David Cuartielles, Koray Tahiroglu and Enrique Tomas) and Kalev Tiits. bos.gif ImprovHelsinki
05 February 2006
sturenkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland

IMPROVHELSINKI a new platform for bringing together different approaches to experimental media / performance / with an emphasis on real-time sound & video, creating a fusion of high quality and gifted interactions. performance line -up : Koray Tahiroglu, Squid Rose, Julien Grossmann. bos.gif Club concert at the Sibelius Academy Winter Festival
01 February 2006
Sibelius Academy , Helsinki, Finland

Real -time Crossover improvisation between Western Front Art Association musicians in Vancouver and ImproMasters in Helsinki. bos.gif NoiseCity Helsinki II - Art's Birthday event
14 January 2006
Kokoteatteri, Helsinki, Finland

NoiseCity Helsinki event brought together four different performances during the Electro Acoustic Noise Night of Art's Birthday celebration. Performances began at 20:30 (GMT +2). Performers of the event are: Ibrahim Terzic, Koray Tahiroglu, Petri Kuljuntausta and Pink Twins. bos.gif EMI - experimental musical instruments - project performance
12 December 2005
Ostra Farmvagen 42C - MMX, Malmo, Sweden

During 2 days long workshop with David Cuartielles, researcher from K3 art and communication department of Malmo University, and with Enrique Tomas, sound artist from Media Lab Madrid. we introduced PureData, open source environment for audio and video processing, and Arduino, open source microcontroller hardware. This meeting aimed to have more collaboration both in the research area and in the performance activities for our experimental musical instruments project called emi. bos.gif Piksel05
16-23 October 2005
Bergen, Norway

SolarDuo Project is invited for a performance at P1K35l - sound and video festival for open source environments in Bergen / Norway. Piksel - - is a yearly event for artists and developers working Open Source environments. bos.gif ctrl_alt_del Sound Art Festival
16-21 September 2005
Istanbul, Turkey

SolarDuo Project performed at ctrl_alt_del sound art festival in Istanbul / Turkey. ctrl_alt_del took place in the "positionings" section of the 9th International Istanbul Biennial. The project launched on September 16th, 2005. bos.gif Aureobel Launch Event
15 May 2005
Helsinki, Finland

SolarDuo Project performed 20 minutes at the sitelaunch event. New solar panel instruments were introduced at theconcert and mixed with sound manipulation with Pure Data. We also showed videos from the Sun created by NASA & ESA with their satellite,SOHO. bos.gif NoiseCity Helsinki I - Art's Birthday event
15 January 2005
Helsinki, Finland

Noise City Helsinki aimed at creating a possibility for the participants of the event to experience different types of city waves transforming into sound structures. Performers of the Noise City Helsinki event were; Clonus Patterns, Petri Kuljuntausta, SolarDuo Project and Erkki Kurenniemi. bos.gif Performance at Generative Art Conference
14 - 16 December 2004
Milan, Italy

I performed with my interactive system for Generative Musical Improvisation during the GA2004 7th International Conference on Generative Art that ran from December 14 to 16 at Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, Italy. bos.gif New Music Academy Concert II
28 October 2004
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Computer Orchestra performance took place at Sibelius Academy Concert Hall. bos.gif Afternoon Ambience Some Place Else & Living Room
21 August 2004
Turku, Finland

First gig in Turku at Some Place Else & Living Room. Artists participated at the Afternoon Ambience gig are, Ibrahim Terzic, Koray Tahiroglu, Niko Skorpio, Silmu, Sine Nomine. bos.gif Assemble '04
05 August 2004
Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland

Assembly is a community of volunteers with a passeion for arranging this unique event in Finland. Helsinki Computer Orchestra performed within the Assemble TV schedule. bos.gif Installation at Participatory Design Conference 2004
29 - 31 July 2004
Toronto, Canada

My Art Strand submission, "From Me to Us: a computer generated music installation" was selected by the conference committee, and I presented this installation at the 8th Biennial Participatory Design Conference that ran from July 29 to 31 at the University of Toronto, Canada. bos.gif Installation at Masters of Arts 2004
12 - 29 May 2004
Media Centre Lume, Helsinki, Finland

Masters of Arts 2004 is the juried exhibition of the best diploma works of the University of Art and Design Helsinki. It is a venue for the young professionals of visual culture to exhibit their limitless skills to a larger audience. The young talents of the carnival also attract prospective employers and enterprises. The event introduces the freshest trends in design, visual arts, art education, film and multimedia. My final thesis work exhibited in Lume during Masters of Arts 2004 event.;1457;2967;3276;10760;11793 bos.gif Le Bas Festival
07 May 2004
Cabel Factory, Helsinki

Performance with Helsinki Computer Orchestra, Alphabet session on May 7, 2004 bos.gif Digital III. On Sound Art
17 April 2004
Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby, Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki

Digital is a Sound Art event of MUU association in Helsinki and in Digital 3 Helsinki Computer Orchestra gave third performance of PCM 0355+53 by Shinji Kanki. bos.gif Art's Birthday Event
17 January 2004
Mbar Cafe, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki and Sydney crews attempted to exchange weather via Internet during Art's Birthday event. Helsinki crew set up solar powered sound modules to respond to Australian sunshine. In Helsinki, Australian sunshine transformed into solar sound production and streamed through Internet. Also Helsinki crew streamed the data related to the Helsinki temperature and wind values. During the event we, SolarDuo Project, played Solar Eclipse instruments using as a source sunlight received from Sydney via internet through the Scrambled Bites server in Canada. We performed three hours live sessions at 12pm and 5pm local time (GMT+2). bos.gif From Me to Us
30-31 October 2003
Media Lab. / UIAH, Helsinki, Finland

From Me to Us is a computer generated music installation for participants of all kinds of musical backgrounds. It is an improvisation process, interacting with MIDI instruments by using electric guitar as an interface. During the moment of playing, there is a contact between the sound created by the participant and the sound generated by the computer. The improvisation turns into a continuous composition as long as a participant takes an active role in the installation. An important goal of the From Me to Us installation is to provide a situation where a participant can experience a musical collective improvisation. bos.gif Expand
Meteori Cafe, Helsinki, Finland

The Expand concept is to bring different kinds of creative people together to participate in an open-platform happening for experiments and new experiences. The happening organized simultaneously in different club spaces as well as in the Internet space with different types of music, sound and video art, performance, and collaboration. Tram'n'Bus Project, which deals with city identity through music made out of the sounds of public transportation, took part in Expand event. bos.gif