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Lucy Suchman, Located accountabilities in design practice
Kari Kuutti (Oulu University), Hunting for the lost user
Pelle Ehn (Malmö University), The collective designer
Richard Coyne (University of Edinburgh), Digital consumption: from the market direct to the home


Mika Pantzar, Representing consumers – from fridges to mobile phones
Anna-Maija Ylimaula, Media design and architecture
Jaakko Virkkunen & Yrjö Engeström, Usability and the changing producer-user relationship
Turkka Keinonen, From usability engineering to interaction design
Tapio Mäkelä, Experience, play, and interpretation - discontents of usability

Cultural usability researchers

Minna Tarkka Performing new media: translations and resistances at the interface
Heidi Tikka, Affective environments: configuring the affective user

Cultural usability students

Ellen Kotanen, Texts, categorizations and their borderlands: looking for a virtual library
Riikka Pelo, An encounter with the computational unconscious: questioning automatic drama
Leena Saarinen, Facing the unexpected - field notes from the limits of net discourse

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