Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

sound scissors



when you cut something, that scissors sounds like cutting very thick or hard things.

Usually, when we cut such kind of strong things, it makes us tired.

But by using this scissors, you’ll feel like having done something great.

It is something like a exchange of feelings, even emotion.



Musical Paper

we waste many papers in our daily life, such as newspaper, unnecessary ad paper, mistake in writing, business documents.

when we used these paper for purpose, such as getting information, writing something, they suddenly become unnecessary. but I think there is some possibility to use in other purpose.

instead of using record, this player uses newspaper which we already finished reading unnecessary ad paper in short, out of use paper.

putting in specific field, then the sensor starts recognizing and analyzing that paper, and from that analysis, make some music.

the song will change by color, size, density of text or picture. so it means we suddenly get many records and songs by using unnecessary paper.

I think this is one of the ways to translate unnecessary to playful.



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