Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

5.2.2016 sketch: Askar & Niemi: Kinetic Furniture

Presented here are three sketches about the communication from hand to the wheels.

At the prototype stage the user will be using a glove to control the kinetics.

Also seems to us that the modularity of the kinetic item, the Table in this instance, is challenged by the parts needed for the functionality. We will however continue with the prototype having a “control centre” where the microcontroller, motor driver, battery and alike will be placed. For future development these parts should become much more portable.




Screenshot (582)

Screenshot (581)

Screenshot (580)


11.1.2016 presentation: Queue ticket machine by Eduard & Petteri



Queue ticket machine presentation

-A user presses the button to get a queue number
-The hidden camera takes a picture of the user
-The picture is processed using the face detection
-The queue ticket machine prints the ticket with the queue number and the processed picture of the user

Brainwash by Soujanyaa, Elisa and Siying

Brainwash sketch



Change the behavior of people doing their laundry through the introduction of a playful element.

We want to add a new possibility for curiosity and interaction to break the repetitiveness of washing clothes through a machine, especially in common areas in student apartments. Our project would change the interface of a washing machine altering its general appearance and meaning.

Brainwash project:

The project replaces the usual glass door of the washing machine with a visual display. It will show a variety of changing videos, accompanied by audio, creating unexpected visual scenarios. For instance a wormhole suddenly spiraling into the void, or a mixer, or kaleidoscopic visuals, and so on. The audio could be an hypnotic voice suggesting that you relax and concentrate on the moving spirals forgetting all your problems, or ominous suggestions, or relaxing and calming, or other.

The video and audio would be sensitive to the washing machine’s rhythm and noise, giving in this way also a direct feedback on the state of the washing as if you were looking through the usual glass. It could also give insight regarding the washing’s timing, if it is at the beginning or near the end.


Brainwash would introduce novelty in the repetitive and monotonous task of laundry. Especially for students it would make it more appealing and fun. The curiosity and experience generated by this will change the perception of the laundry’s space and routine. The interaction is not well defined however, and it would be very interesting to observe how people react to it. We hope that a new visual value to this space would create a new awareness and positive attitude towards the maintaining of it (referring to the student common spaces).

11.1. presentation: Time cognition throughout light by Fernando & Maja

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 20.27.57

Design an object that doesn’t display time in a precise way, but shows time in motion with a help of light. User could set motion of time by it own desires. The act of trying to read and measure the message of the object would be the playful element, making users stop for a moment to think about how time is passing on their daily routine.


Prototyping experience_presentation 11.1


11.1.2016 presentation: Moody Thermometer by Alex, Marloes & Mathijs

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 15.37.11


  • people use thermometers before they go outside, to check how much clothing they should wear
  • use of thermometers increases with extreme (hot and cold) temperatures
  • when extreme weather / temperatures occur, many people seem to feel the urge to post images of thermometers online

Behaviour changes:

  • takes away for the need to walk to the thermometer and look at the thermometer consciously, it allows you to perceive the temperature everywhere in the room without a conscious readout
  • The use of rhythm and / or music has the potential to change people’s moods


  • gives an abstract impression of the temperature, instead of an exact number, the feeling can be directly translated to the feeling outside.
  • music / rhythm is playful.
  • attention seeking thermometer

Description of the idea:

thermometer / knocking / alarm clock
The thermometer has a helpless moody personality, he needs attention all the time.
He keeps knocking until you take him inside, this way you feel the real feeling of the outside air, the wind, the humidity, … as the thermometer only tells temperature. You can feel the thermometers feelings this way.

For the slides of the presentation:

11.1.2016 presentation: Askar & Niemi: Pathventure / Rotake / Kinetic Furniture

PDF of the whole presentation here


(1) Pathventure
What? Tiles with marked “checkpoints”
Why? Encourages playful participation in the city, something fun and random

09 prototyping experience-1


(2) Rotake
What? Sushi-inspired rotating table for parties
Why? “Sharing is catering”, having snacks/drinks becomes interactive

09 prototyping experience-2


(3) Kinetic Furniture
What? Wheels+motors; You can move furniture with a digital system (app or wearable)
Why? It would be cool. “Use the force”

09 prototyping experience-3


Eagle tutorial

If you are looking for a self learning tutorial on PCB design with Eagle I’ve found this one pretty instructive.

Fab Academy Eagle tutorial

Maybe we can add it to the tutorial links in the sidebar for future reference ;)


Toothbrush Fairy has evolved into a PlayBrush.

PlayBrush Plan

sound scissors



when you cut something, that scissors sounds like cutting very thick or hard things.

Usually, when we cut such kind of strong things, it makes us tired.

But by using this scissors, you’ll feel like having done something great.

It is something like a exchange of feelings, even emotion.




experience prototyping - ideas2 experience prototyping - ideas3


UPDATE 17.02.2014

LES ANY Glass 
LED light + Solar powered mood light for ANY home ware Glass

Multifunctional LED powered lamp what can be used with any glass or transparent housewares what you already own in your home.

Idea is to make fully functional product to ad it to my design line.
Material will be wood or plywood.

Possible versions:
1. Basic:
1.1 with battery, light sensor and white LED. No need to have sunlight.
1.2 with battery and light sensor but programmable RGB LED

2.1 with battery,white lED, solar panel and light sensor. Independent light.
2.2 with battery, solar panel and light sensor but programmable RGB LED


links for similar products:

Hack Hat (+reflector)

In winter in Finland, hats are not so much fashion accessaries as indispensable life saver. So much so that I can see as many kinds of hats as the number of people here. I myself wear hat everyday and have knitted tens of hats and it dawned on me that doing some experiments with hats could be interesting and practical as well. The parts of hat: brim, strings, pompom, earflaps, buttons …etc. might be good interfaces acting as switches, sensors or actuators.

사진 (5)

Of course, there already exist tons of examples about hats, nevertheless most of them in no way look good and practical. I’d like to make a step forward to make them look better (or/and funny) and wearable as it is. (Most experiments with wearable tech cannot be wearable in reality. Who on earth is willing to wear hats with tangled wires and batteries?)

There could be multiple of or just one prototype but I’d like to make as many as possible. My goal is to work on some wearable tech in terms of ‘Playability’, the subject given. Along with hat, I also want to do something with reflector which are another necessity here in winter.

keywords: EEG technology, weather sensor, soft(knitted) sensor, fairisle pattern, knitting pattern generator, Peltier tiles, led

Animatronic cat ears

Pompom tilt sensor

Thermo electric flashlight with Peltier tiles




Excuse the working title for this project…

[description coming soon]


Trash Robot 

Karoline Kwon

The experience of waiting

the experience of waiting a prototype focus:plan



My idea comes from my experiences with the weather and the means of transportation here in Helsinki.

When depending on public transportation waiting is a big part of it. The waiting can feel boring, cold and time goes extra slow when you are by yourself.

bus stop


With my idea I See a potential to make the waiting more fun and bearable. It’s cold and often dark. So the prototype should confront that issue and try to create a more lively and cosy space where waiting is not a problem.

Different sensor could activate some kind of mood light that lights up where the passengers are. Maybe make them connect.

ex. these fake simple shadows appears when people stand in the waiting area, and they try to connect with other peoples shadows, so people are forced to recognize the other people waiting. Maybe even smile to each other or open up.

Here is a bad sketch of what I mean with connecting through some interactive projections or lights:



Here is a pdf of my idea:

the experience of waiting a prototype

Some inspiration from Germany:


Musical Paper

we waste many papers in our daily life, such as newspaper, unnecessary ad paper, mistake in writing, business documents.

when we used these paper for purpose, such as getting information, writing something, they suddenly become unnecessary. but I think there is some possibility to use in other purpose.

instead of using record, this player uses newspaper which we already finished reading unnecessary ad paper in short, out of use paper.

putting in specific field, then the sensor starts recognizing and analyzing that paper, and from that analysis, make some music.

the song will change by color, size, density of text or picture. so it means we suddenly get many records and songs by using unnecessary paper.

I think this is one of the ways to translate unnecessary to playful.





Play while you are on a ride (public transportation)

Mostly I spent 2 hours of my day in a public transportation especially in a Bus traveling from Vikkii to Otaniemi.
I can’t read nor focus on a screen for too long since I will get nausea.
On the other hand sitting for almost an hour on each side of the ride and not doing anything is annoying.

So, I thought how can I make use of this time?
I want my trips to be more exciting.
Thus, stop buttons are mostly everywhere in the bus.
What if the buttons are used for a group game instead!

Who ever is interested is welcome to play, but don’t forget your stop!

There is a screen in front for everyone who plays.
- Mapping your roots (Visualization)
- Learning your directions (Street names & Neighborhoods)
– Collecting objects in order to gain points.

In the end of your journey you have a visualization map and you have gain credits by cleaning the path.
But Yes we should use the credits for something useful!

Digital Umbrella & Body Language

2 ideas:

Digital Umbrella:

Umbrella making a booting sound just like most of our other digital devices, also playing it distorted if it is broken at some parts.


Body Language:

Drawing while walking indoors on a digital canvas.That way you can for example “visualize” the unconscious walking when having stressful conversations on the phone.


Toothbrush Fairy

Toothbrush Fairies need to be happy and you can make them happy by brushing your teeth properly. :) Especially good for kids to learn how to brush properly and for parents to track their kids brushing activities.

Toothbrush Fairy


A bonus idea I just came up with… :P

Mirror mirror on the bathroom wall…

Makes people wash hands longer, in resulting better hand wash result.

  1. Detects when standing in front of a mirror and sink.
  2. A text appears on to mirror, “Take some soap and I’ll ask you a question…”
  3. After taking soap, the a question appears on the mirror with a 15 second progress bar.
  4. After progress bar is completed, the answer is shown in the mirror.

Instead of quiz question, there could also be jokes, etc.



TP meter – Issey

TP meter

track how long toilet paper used and show as digital numbers.


wouldn’t it nice if people stop using too many TP and save trees in Finlnad? :)

there are some funny TP stand already…
12 Funniest Toilet Paper Holders
World’s Greatest Invention: iPad Toilet Paper Stand

Making an everyday object playful

Drawdio – a Pencil that draws sounds

The world’s deepest bin: The fun theory

Let it snow: Google Search during Christmas vacation

The Speed Camera Lottery: The fun theory

Ningen Gakki, Turn Your Body Into a Musical Instrument

Nicodama: Ryota Kuwakubo

Clocky: Nanda Home

Playble: Yumiko Tanaka

TV Wand

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