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Pulsar Kites

Pulsar kite video

It is fun to play with kites in Helsinki since there is a good wind current during most part of the year. For this course it was considered to add a value for kites with electronic features, in other words, to produce a sonification of kite movement. Thus the kite works as an interface to generate data to produce sound on real time, an instrument for musical or sound art performance which is controlled manually and modified randomly by wind conditions.

The interface has a wireless system that measure the speed and rotation of the kite, thus this data is transformed into sound on real time. Sound modules are designed upon on the principles of composition with pulsars, developed by Curtis Roads, and the micro sound studies of Alberto de Campo. For future development is considered to include a dynamic led light system and increase the number of simultaneous kites. Here is some pictures of the process of creation of the kite, and electronic devices used for the project.


You can view more test videos and documentation of Pulsar kites here:

Finally this project was presented in Voda Helsinki a visual arts, literature and music event  in Kalasataman Aukio, on sunday 19th august 2012.

Final demos from Designing Interaction 2010 Fall at Media lab Helsinki

Swing Thing created by Forrest Oliphant and Matti Niinimäki. The sound and images match when the two swings in sync.

Shadow created by Emmanuel Durand, Ranjit Menon and Daniel Praesius. Sound is controlled by shadow.

Historical Orchestra created by Reha Discioglu, Piibe Piirma and Ferhat Sen. Three instruments inspired by Turkish cultural heritage using digital technology.

Multitouch Table – aniMate created by Palash Mukhopadhyay, Irene Poutanen and Dipti Sonawane. Drawings get own life and move on the table.

Ferrocity created by Ben Dromey and David Munoz.

Final demos from Designing Interaction with Electronics 2009 at Media lab Helsinki

  1. Control surface for Google Maps by Miriam L Smith and Väinö Toppinen
  2. Tangible communication by Liisa Tervinen and Anusha Lyer
  3. Elle E. Dee & The Electrotastics by Jonathan Cremieux & Juha Salonen
  4. Paper Plane Pilot by Heidi Holm & Daniel Suominen
  5. Interactive shadow theater by Svetlana Maras and Leyla Nasibova
  6. Cycle Experiment by Ben Dromey and Simon Morris

Final presentations from Designing Interaction with Electronics 2009 at UCIT

Final demos from Designing Interaction with Electronics workshop 2008

Presentations from Physical Computing course at Sibelius Academy

Final Demos from Designing Interaction with Electronics


Mood shoes by Markku Ruotsalainen, Jenna Sutela and David SzauderGimme Sugar by Anna Keune and Jari SuominenGrid Shuffling by Keri Knowles and Abhigyan SinghThe Sixth Sense by Kimmo Karvinen and Mikko ToivonenHugiPet by Juho Jouhtimäki and Elise LiikalaDigital Painting Control by Juho Jouhtimäki, Kimmo Karvinen and Mikko ToivonenTwinkling Gloves by Anne Naukkarinen, Pekka Salonen and Kristine VisanenFurry Modulator by Atle Larsen and Mikko Mutanen

Final demos from Electronics and microcontrollers workshop

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