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Brainwash Second Prototype progress

We decided, since some components took much longer than expected to arrive, to go for a prototype relying on projection rather than analogue means. We want to experiment with the videos visualized on the washing machine and test which are best and how to modify the videos during the wash. We also will experiment with different audio.

We have tried to use a projector to see how the mapping of the video will work and decide what videos are best to choose. We are working also to have a vibration sensor trigger the video, starting the projection when the washing starts, changing also the video depending on the amount of vibration.

This video shows some of our testing.


Brainwash by Soujanyaa, Elisa and Siying

Brainwash sketch



Change the behavior of people doing their laundry through the introduction of a playful element.

We want to add a new possibility for curiosity and interaction to break the repetitiveness of washing clothes through a machine, especially in common areas in student apartments. Our project would change the interface of a washing machine altering its general appearance and meaning.

Brainwash project:

The project replaces the usual glass door of the washing machine with a visual display. It will show a variety of changing videos, accompanied by audio, creating unexpected visual scenarios. For instance a wormhole suddenly spiraling into the void, or a mixer, or kaleidoscopic visuals, and so on. The audio could be an hypnotic voice suggesting that you relax and concentrate on the moving spirals forgetting all your problems, or ominous suggestions, or relaxing and calming, or other.

The video and audio would be sensitive to the washing machine’s rhythm and noise, giving in this way also a direct feedback on the state of the washing as if you were looking through the usual glass. It could also give insight regarding the washing’s timing, if it is at the beginning or near the end.


Brainwash would introduce novelty in the repetitive and monotonous task of laundry. Especially for students it would make it more appealing and fun. The curiosity and experience generated by this will change the perception of the laundry’s space and routine. The interaction is not well defined however, and it would be very interesting to observe how people react to it. We hope that a new visual value to this space would create a new awareness and positive attitude towards the maintaining of it (referring to the student common spaces).

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