Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

Brainwash | Dirty Prototype 1

Since washine machines are a perfect example of replacing physical hand labour work with electronically enabled service, we thought it’d be interesting to add an element of tangible interactivity that responds to the electronic functioning of the machine/device. Inspired by “phenakistoscope“, we decided to explore analog ways to animate graphics on the interactive display.




For the first dirty prototype we decided to replace the see-through door of the washing machine with a rotating spinwheel that responds to intake of clothes into the machine, we also supplemented it with a sublime audio track of “meditative instructions”. In its working state, the moment the user puts their clothes into the prototype, it would rotate the spinwheel disc with graphics that got animated in the process, while playing the audio track that encouraged people to “relax and take a deep breath!!!”


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