Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

Towards second prototype

We connected the LED strip to the micro processor and wrote a code for two different time cognitions. One is based on HSL color space and changing brightness. Second one needs human interaction to project the clock hands. Both of them are already reading real time pace and translating time passage into the LEDs transformation.

Video1 showing mode 1. Fasten up 6 times from real time.

time read

mode 1.mp4

Video2 and pictures showing showing the idea behind using hand to project hour and minute and second clock pointers. Showdown of the hand projects time.

mode 2


Next steps (for this week) are to look out for the best surface to beam the light on (experiment with different sorts of wood/plywood and paint). Also, this week we’ll implement the conductive sensor for the “interactive mode” in order to activate/deactivate the lights only when there’s interaction.

11.1. presentation: Time cognition throughout light by Fernando & Maja

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 20.27.57

Design an object that doesn’t display time in a precise way, but shows time in motion with a help of light. User could set motion of time by it own desires. The act of trying to read and measure the message of the object would be the playful element, making users stop for a moment to think about how time is passing on their daily routine.


Prototyping experience_presentation 11.1


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