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Nickname: persona

Short description:

Wondering today about how new ways of communication, allowed by our present time technology, affect human identity transformation and construction in the net and how they can cause physical feeling and human energy perception to be lost or experienced in a new manner, nickname: persona project is an interactive audiovisual installation where people is obligated to act to make the piece possible and wants to make them wonder about the kind of relationship established between them and how they are showing their identity to the others;
The work would consist of taking data from visitors’ bodies by sensors, which would manipulate the sound and taking snapshots of their faces to build a new face with all of them. Sound and image would be streamed to a website.

Development (working plan):

During the following three month:
1. Make some tests with sensors to experience the kind of data that we can receive from the human body and decide the kind of relation that it can be established between them and the sound of the installation.
2. Make some test about the disposition of the sensors and how the visitor must use them.
3. Decide the shape of the presentation of this part of the project and also the whole project output.

Technical solutions:

Sensors (undefined)


Are there some sensors that I could test before buying them? I’m interested in blood pressure, body temperature, sweat, heat beating, nervous system… any other ideas?

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