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I Can

The working title of my project is I Can. This might be regarded as the can equivalent of I, Claudius, in the sense that it has something to do with I-dentity. The idea is to make a musical instrument out of a beer can and discover what its potential for sonic performance might be (er). If a performance is forthcoming, it will surely have something to do with the metaphor of ease vs. effort, i.e. the I Can constrasting with the I Cannot. In any case, the can will have to have some life of its own, otherwise it will not be its own I.

I would like to put a wireless Arduino inside, along with a battery box, some sensors and a servo motor to make the beer can shake (rhythmically?)The Instrument on command from the remote computer. What sensors CAN I put inside? Perhaps touch, velocity, orientation, a microswitch to detect whether the ring cap is in place or lifted.

What sounds will I control with it? Maybe Offenbach’s Can-Can. OK, as yet I have no idea.

The programming of the beer belly to go with the instrument is another long term project. More on that when I know how many beers I had to drink before I found the ideal can for the prototype.

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