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UCIT: Vibrotactile radar using two PING))) ultrasonic sensors

This is quite simple practice work build for the UCIT Interaction Design with Electronics workshop 2009 held by Michihito Mizutani. The work consists of  parts. 1) BS2 reads the distance information from two PING))) ultrasonic sensors and sends them through a serial port. 2) A PC running a dedicated PD (Pure Data, patch processes the data and sends audio signals to left and/or right channels depending on the situation. 3) The audio output is then amplified and played through two C-2 vibrotactile voice-coil actuators. 4) The PD patch redirects the distance information to another PC via WLAN TCP connection where it’s been visualized.

Vibrotactile radar using two PING))) ultrasonic sensors from Jussi Rantala and Jukka Raisamo from Univertsity of Tampere, Finland.

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