Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

Historical Orchestra (Oud Production)

Fretboard is based on linear potentiometer. You can get exact position of where you press. Works amazingly robust. Strings are laser-phototransistor couple. As for sound output, now we are using soundfont and sensor data is randomly mapped to soundfont notes. Thus, mapping is again not clear 🙂 Photos and video available.

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Historical Orchestra (Drum Production)

Drum has a circular body and a drum skin. Two piezo’s are attached to the drum skin. Those two piezo’s are linked to two drum notes. The tangible interface is there. Technology there. But mapping is not so exciting yet. Two notes doesnt sound nice. Needs some work.


Demo Video

Historical Orchestra (Ney Production)

Our Reed Flute (Ney) is on its way. Photo-resistors and a small mic are attached to a backbone which will then be inserted into a hollow tube.

Mic sends audio signal thru line-in of the computer and processed in PureData. The audio is filtered out only to take certain frequencies which correspond to blowing. So it hopefully will not sense when you talk 🙂 but when you blow. The amplitude of the blow is also processed and the more you blow the louder the sound. Working smoothly.

Photoresistors send analog data. Taken via Arduino send to PureData. Working great. Quite responsive.

Problem is now the mapping strategy. How can we map these processed inputs to the “song”. We were using soundfont but I guess we will map it directly to loops and control the loops with photoresistors. Mapping is still unclear.

Sensor Orchestra

Here is the demo of our prototype.

Just to show the idea and progress.

Step Switcher

Here is our little control object

the mighty mat 🙂

Interactive Laser

Basic test of one of our instruments in Historical Orchestra project.

Click on the photo to see the video. Sorry for an extra window but embedded vimeo videos are cropped by this wp theme.

Ferhat Assignment 1: The CircleSizer

Arduino – Flash – N900 talking via bluetooth

Each time user presses enter in N900, Flash creates a circle of size according to the proximity sensor data.

When you get closer to the proximity sensor, the circle gets smaller. When moved far away the circle gets larger.

Ferhat Assignment 2

Ferhat’s Presentation about IMECE

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