Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

Route iTunes and system audio to Puredata in OS X

First, install SoundFlower.

Then, set system audio in and out to Soundflower:

Then, set up audio in Puredata (similar should work for other audio applications):

Now, you can tweak iTunes, YouTube, Skype, and all other system audio to your heart’s content.

Swing Thing visual progress

Matti and Forrest have been working on the visual feedback element of their swing project:

SwingSet progress

Forrest Assignment 1

Flash visualizes N900 accelerometer data, floats target on gradient, sends color values to fade three Arduino LEDs. Source.


poetic snow tango calligraphy

(or graffiti tag)

Coding N900 ActionScript Online

I made some changes to the example that we were working on today so that it will run on (a great resource for learning AS3). Press “fork” and you can edit, compile, and run the code in any browser:

Screen shot 2010-09-10 at 4.21.43 PM
N900 sensor connection – wonderfl build flash online

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