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Mittens AKA Twinkling Glove(s)


First we played with facial expression detection and so forth. Taping sensor to for example to the eye brows to see that amount of surprise from their angle and position. Basically lots of tape in the face.One would express emotions etc with lights. You’d have the light bulb head for those Eureka moments.We ended up going with pairs of mittens. Lots of possibilities there.0 hands mode (mitten alone):

  • Thermometer, mitten alerts when it’s cold: take me with you!

1 hand (single person)

  • waving with light effects
  • remote shake
  • send warmth remotely
  • color feedback by temperature
  • light in dark for visibility (like reflector)
  • secret handshake remotely

2 hands mode (two persons f2f)

  • left + right hand -> hand in hand, friendship effect
  • definition of the secret handshake
  • left + left or right + right -> handshake or one of the game modes (accelerator tells apart)
  • games: thumb war, arm wrestling

Group of Kristine, Anne & Pekka

Day 2:

Concept defining (in addition to geekeries done in class). One day for realizing the concepts is really just one day, so we decided to concentrate only on some of the mitten-features. The strongest candidates for realizing a working prototype in practice seem to be (at the moment) these:

(Winter) thumb-war

A game played by two persons, more specifically hand in hand, by thumbs. The one who is able to lock the other’s thumb by pressing it wins. Sensors to detect the pressure, winner gets a nice led-figure appearing to his/her mitten. Sound feedback also possible.

Probably simple enough to be prototyped in one day, but interaction consists of displaying effects, which perhaps is not the most interesting aspect especially considering intuitive interaction (I interpret intuitiveness as something more subtle, not so obvious). Thumb war with effects is surely fun though!

Secret handshake

Friends with a pair of our awesome mittens can preprogram a secret handshake. If they manage to repeat it correctly either f2f or remotely, nice leds light the mittens.

Trickier to realize (accelerators, gesture mapping with time and direction, bluetooth), but more exiting in terms of interaction

Sendind warmth (either physical or emotional) to your friend

Two persons again wearing our amazing mittens. One of them has really cold hands. The other one receives a led-signal about this to his/her mittens. He/she can then respond by sending warmth to the cold hands of the other person. Could be physical sensation or heart-shaped led lights, for example.

Again tricky. Thermometers, bluetooths… but so sweet

Day 3 addition:

We did an experiment with photo resistor and three lights. The less there’s lights, the more lights light up

lights Video


The prototype glove has now two sensors working for it. The photoresistor is used to detect changes in lightness/darkness of the area. The glove has four levels of led lights that reflect the darkness: off-1-2-3. The glove works as electronic reflector.

The weather sensor is used to check the temperature. If it drops below two threshold values, warning lights will light up. “Please remember to put me (gloves) on, it’s cold out there!”

fade video

Code for light sensor

‘ {$STAMP BS2}

‘ {$PBASIC 2.5}

pPort PIN 10

pSerial CON 16

pValo0 PIN 0

pValo1 PIN 2

pValo2 PIN 4


wResult VAR WORD



HIGH pPort


RCTIME pPort, 1, wResult ‘ measure discharge

‘** SEROUT pSerial, 84, [DEC wResult/255, CR]

wLight = wResult/255

SEROUT pSerial, 84, [DEC wLight, TAB]

IF wLight > 7 THEN

HIGH pValo0


LOW pValo0


IF wLight > 14 THEN

HIGH pValo1


LOW pValo1


IF wLight > 21 THEN

HIGH pValo2


LOW pValo2





Modifications to sample code to handle the temperature changes


   GOSUB SHT_Measure_Temp

   wKalsa = tC / 10


   IF wKalsa < 22 THEN

     HIGH valo1


     LOW valo1


   IF wKalsa < 20 THEN

     HIGH valo2


     LOW valo2


   PAUSE 1000


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