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Grid Shuffling

Proximity sensors or touch sensors will be arranged behind a horizontal panel controlling a grid of objects (for example, images) displayed on a computer screen.

There will be intutive mapping between the objects on the screen & the physcial panel on the table. User can select an object, move it to another location & place it on the new location using his/her hand’s gestures & movement over the panel. He would also be able to see simlutaneous reflection of change on the computer screen.

A section of the panel senses if an object is to be selected by the hand being at the closest proximity. By making the gesture of grabbing and pulling away, the increased distance from the area registers that the object in the section is selected and being moved, causing the other sections to switch into a receptive state. The object may be dropped in any of the other sections, swapping it with the previous one, and possibly reshuffling the whole arrangement.

Team: Keri & Abhigyan

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Category: Media Lab Helsinki


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