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QML environment on Mac to develop applications for Nokia N9

This post describes how to develop your first QML application on Nokia N9. Unfortunately I have only instructions for Mac users but I assume the steps for other platforms are similar to this.

Setting up environment on your Mac

  • Install Xcode (4GB).
  • Install Qt SDK (1.2GB).
  • Activate developer mode on N9 (Settings > Security > Developer mode). This may take some time to complete. Please make sure the device can access to the internet. It needs to download some applications.
  • Also install “Examples” in the Developer mode. You can see almost at the bottom of the screen.
  • Settings on Qt Creator
      • Go to Qt Creator > Preference
      • Click Linux devices section
      • Click “Add” to select Device with MADDE support
      • Give a name to this configuration. e.g MyN9
      • Select “MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan”
      • Select “Hardware Device as the kind of device
      • Do not edit IP address and SSH server port.
      • Press Continue
      • And press “No” in the next dialog. They ask if you already have a passcode.
      • Check Create key and press continue. You will create a passcode to access to N9 from your PC. The passcode is saved to the PC thus you don’t need to type it manually from the PC.
      • Click Create key in the next dialog and press continue
      • It shows “Creating keys … Done” then press continue.
      • Now you need to copy Password from N9.
    • N9
      • Connect N9 and your PC with USB and select SDK mode if dialog appears. If not go to Setting application > Accessories > USB and click “Always ask”. Then disconnect USB and connect it again.
    • Mac OSX
      • You will be asked to open Network window in System Preference on your PC and press apply to add the N9
    • N9
      • Launch SDK connection app and select USB on the N9
      • You can find password on your screen
    • Qt Creator
      • Go back to the current Qt Creator preference
      • Type the password into the dialog on Qt Creator preference and press deploy key
      • It shows “Deploying … Done.”
      • Press continue and it will automatically check if the configuration works with the N9.
      • Press Close if it says “Device configuration okay.”
      • Close all preference windows on the Qt Creator
    • Update Qt Creator
      • There might be an update for Qt Creator. Open Updater by Help > Start Updater. Do this a couple of times.
Qt Creator on Mac OSX Lion User
  • There is a bug on QML viewer running on Mac OSX Lion. The screen is flicking while elements are animated. To fix this, you need to update Qt version to Qt4.8.
  • Open Updator from Qt Creator (Help > Start Updator).
  • Select Package Manager and press continue.
  • Select “Experimental” and press Continue.
  • After the update is done, restart Qt Creator.
  • Change Qt version from Qt4.7 to Qt4.8. You can find it from Project > Run > Qt version.

First QML application on N9

  • Create a project (File > New file or project)
  • Select Qt Quick Application in Qt Quick project section
  • Give a name to the project and press continue. Please use lower cases for all letters. Otherwise it will give a waring when building the app.
  • Select Qt Quick Components for Meego/Harmattan and select continue
  • Select only Harmattan for the target setup and select continue. You don’t need Qt Simulator either Desktop.
  • You can choose your own app icon and press continue
  • Keep version control as none and press done
  • Qt Creator generates files and press yes in the dialog
  • You don’t need to edit the code at all. Just run the code (Build > Run)
  • N9 launches your Hello World application after while
Further development with N9

Some tips

  • When you open this project files in the Qt Creator, open <project name>.pro under <project name> folder.
  • Press a small red square button at the bottom of the Qt Creator window to close the app on N9.
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