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QT113 Touch Sensor

This touch sensor can be used in many ways.

QT113 touch sensor
video 1
video 2

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Data SheetQT113 touch sensor Datasheet

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QT113 touch sensor x 1 / Parallax, USA
10 nF condenser x 1 / any component shop

LED x 1 / any component shop
470Ω resistor (yellow, purple, brown) x 1 / any component shop


If you make a coil with the wire where you touch, you don’t even have to touch the sensor wire so you can have another thin material between your finger and the sensor wire. see video 2

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4 Responses

  1. Cdub says:

    I’m trying to connect a qt113 on a parallax homework board, but can’t read schematics. Can you provide a picture?

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