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our petProtected: HugiPetMonday, November 12th, 2007HugiPets are a way to connect people. HugiPets are connected via network and if you hug yours your friends HugiPet reacts.We use Air v1.1 (Air sensor) to measure pressure and and send the signal to other HugiPet via network. Hugging light the other HugiPets led and shows how hard you are pressing.Workgroup: Elise Liikala, Mikko Toivonen, Kimmo Karvinen ja Juho Jouhtimäki.November 13th, 2007 at 4:20 pmPigs talk.HugiPet project went on today when we operated with the pets we bought. It was time for surgery. There was a sound when squeezing the warthog and we wanted to know how it is done. We found a little bag filled with air and a pipe. Very simple mechanic using airpressure. The other pig will be filled later with some kind of pressure detecter too + the sensor. We are not sure at this point if we are using the original soundmechanics from warthog in some way also.November 14th, 2007 at 11:18 pmToday the hugipet project was experiencing with sensors. But what we found out was that there was not that kind of sensor available in our course material which we would have needed. The idea of hugging a pet and using air sensor was changed to motion based sensor. In the end of the day we had created a new brilliant ideaThe idea:To make a toy which will send information to computer and to another pet when moved. To find out more specific use of this toy, you will have to wait until Friday So exciting…November 15th, 2007 The pig-animation was drawn and created today. Also to wires were soldered and code tested. Pigie’s tummy got new filling. It was time for testing.Pig instructionsNovember 16th, 2007 The coding project of HugiPet still needed some effort today. Juho copep with it right on time before our presentation. Our non-sonic baby alarm was well and funtioning!This is how the HugiPet works:The child has a toy next to her/him in bed which recognizes movement in x- and y-axis. When the child wakes up and starts to move the toy, there will be signals sent to computer. On computer there is an icon which shows a simple animation of a sleeping piggie. When child wakes up, the animation icon will visually change and the piggie wakes up (+ makes an oink oink sound). If the toy is not moving for a while, the piggie falls asleep again.This application works better then the traditional baby crying alarm in cases wherea) a parent is working for example in a place where there is a lot of other sounds so one may not hear the alarmb) it gives an opportunity to listen for example music when working with one’s laptop while the child is sleeping on balconyc) It can be a very helpfull device for deaf people who can’t hear their baby cryingThe next phase would be to make another toy or an object which reacts to the movement of piggie. In that case you wouldn’t have to be looking at the computer all the time.

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