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Play while you are on a ride (public transportation)

Mostly I spent 2 hours of my day in a public transportation especially in a Bus traveling from Vikkii to Otaniemi.
I can’t read nor focus on a screen for too long since I will get nausea.
On the other hand sitting for almost an hour on each side of the ride and not doing anything is annoying.

So, I thought how can I make use of this time?
I want my trips to be more exciting.
Thus, stop buttons are mostly everywhere in the bus.
What if the buttons are used for a group game instead!

Who ever is interested is welcome to play, but don’t forget your stop!

There is a screen in front for everyone who plays.
– Mapping your roots (Visualization)
– Learning your directions (Street names & Neighborhoods)
– Collecting objects in order to gain points.

In the end of your journey you have a visualization map and you have gain credits by cleaning the path.
But Yes we should use the credits for something useful!

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