Aerobical mechanic & organic orchestra

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This is  music intervention is based on interactive electronics as playable instruments taking input from body, to amplify his sound expression. Based on the concept of gymnastics sounds are triggered according to physical activities that modify biological pulse. Resulting in an open dialogue between digital and analog, physical and mental, heaven and hell: world will collide and the 8-bit doors of perception are opened, closed, opened, closed, closed, closed, opened, opened.

So interaction is based on following units: Heart rate detection by PPG or ECG.   Accelerometer embedded into a weight lifting object. Pressure sensor positioned under a matress. And a control box with different sensors, buttons, potentiometers to add some interesting sounds.Kinect as a visual sensor is intended to be used as a live instrument to run synthesized melodies, by angle calculations of users moving around space, even dancing some. Heart rate is used to control a solenoid to hit a real drum. This will give the beat for the performance controlled inconsciously by your body. In order to make change speed of heart beat, it should be needed to do some aerobical working on stage, weight lifting, running around the place or some squats. A control box will include a unpredictable amount of sensors and control components, that can be used to decide the scale, effects (delay, sampler, and grain synthesizer), maybe to play a melody as well.

Juan Duarte, Valtteri Wikström

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  1. Wow! Sorry that I missed this live!

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