Kinected Stories: Little Red Riding Hood meets a hungry wolf

Kinected stories is an interactive fairy tale played with Kinect controller. There is some obstacles in the story and you need to help Little Red Riding Hood to see better and “look further” to get a clue how to progress. It’s an adaptation of classical Grimm’s story. The project was done in a company called Delicode. It took the whole summer 2012 and we were a team of four: a project manager, programmer/ animator, sound and UI/storyteller/graphic designer.

We also made a little book to test how a printed book and an interactive story can support each other and make the experience bigger. There’s even a secret Little Red Riding Hood disco embedded as a QR code to the book.

After the demo was finished, we’ve participated some competitions like Mindtrek Launchpad (second place), Think Ink (second place), Game Connection in Paris (in finals of “best game project”) and then some presentations in SyysGraph in SLUSH and in Blender conference in Amsterdam. Even though there has been some success the future is still open. Come and check us out at

And here’s a little promotional video:
Kinected Stories promo video

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