Two Projects: Witchcrafter and the V Performer

Two Projects: Witchcrafter and the V Performer

Two projects by Krisjanis Rijnieks will be presented during the Media Lab Winter Demo Day 2012 on December 20. Projects are made during the Physical Interaction Design course by Matti Niinimäki and Multitouch Interaction by Nuno Correia.

Both projects were made to explore the Cinder creative coding framework and test it’s possibilities regarding wireless and serial communication. Witchcrafter was an attempt to explore the XBee wireless device capabilities and the V Performer was done to explore multitouch on iOS. Both of these projects are controller prototypes that translate different human actions into visuals.


WitchcrafterWitchcrafter is a 3D user interface controller that was intended to look like a broomstick, but would be used in many more possible contexts. It is a stick with sensors: two accelerometers and a gyroscope. Sensors are connected to an Arduino board that transmits sensor measurements wirelessly to a computer via XBee radio link as JSON formatted values.

V Performer

V Performer is generative live visuals solution for iOS and Mac. The solution consists of two applications (for iOS and Mac OS) that have the same drawing algorithm. With the iOS controller application you can control the host application on a Mac via wireless network by using the OSC message format.

Very welcome!

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