Media Lab Student Portfolio: Petri Kuittinen

I am a Master of Arts in New Media student in Media Lab. I have also studied computer engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) from year 1991. Along with my studies I work part time at the research & design department of Raha-automaattiyhdistys as a game programmer. Previously I used to work at HUT as a course assistant and UNIX system administrator of Niksula.

My areas of expertise include: programming (C, Assembler, Python...), game design, audio & video technology, DJ work, UNIX/Linux, fitness (nutrition, training)
My interests include: fitness, music (almost any kind, especially euro dance, classical, rock and computer music and movie soundtracks), reading (non-fiction and fiction, especially fantasy, SciFi & comics), writing, role-playing games, Internet, CPU architectures, programming languages, photography, data compression, computer demos, cooking and baking.

Here are links to WWW documents related to my studies at UIAH.

Studies - Spring 1999

Studies - Autumn 1998

Other Interesting Work

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