Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

6.4.2016 progress: Askar & Niemi: Kinetic Furniture / Tray

A video of the tray rotating. Makes a hell of a lot of noise, horrid lol.

Arduino Leonardo + Adafruit Motor Shield.

2x 56 RPM Actobotics gearmotors running on just 6V.

14.3.2016 progress: Askar & Niemi: Kinetic Furniture

Where we are pursuing a table that moves kinetically rolling on motors, for the prototyping phase we have been creating a tray-like system (on which a table can be then put for example).

14.3. we finally got the motors, drivers and all together for testing the furniture. Turns out our cardboard structures to which motors are attached don’t hold strong enough.

1.3.2016 progress: Askar & Niemi: Kinetic Furniture / Glove-controlled

A test on having the motors controlled by a wearable. Here it is a glove, but why have the brains on an external device and not the furniture itself? Simplifies the system waaay more.

5.2.2016 sketch: Askar & Niemi: Kinetic Furniture

Presented here are three sketches about the communication from hand to the wheels.

At the prototype stage the user will be using a glove to control the kinetics.

Also seems to us that the modularity of the kinetic item, the Table in this instance, is challenged by the parts needed for the functionality. We will however continue with the prototype having a “control centre” where the microcontroller, motor driver, battery and alike will be placed. For future development these parts should become much more portable.




Screenshot (582)

Screenshot (581)

Screenshot (580)


11.1.2016 presentation: Askar & Niemi: Pathventure / Rotake / Kinetic Furniture

PDF of the whole presentation here


(1) Pathventure
What? Tiles with marked “checkpoints”
Why? Encourages playful participation in the city, something fun and random

09 prototyping experience-1


(2) Rotake
What? Sushi-inspired rotating table for parties
Why? “Sharing is catering”, having snacks/drinks becomes interactive

09 prototyping experience-2


(3) Kinetic Furniture
What? Wheels+motors; You can move furniture with a digital system (app or wearable)
Why? It would be cool. “Use the force”

09 prototyping experience-3


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